Centuries of Summer


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All tracks were written & recorded by Brian Brissart during the Spring & Summer of 2010.
Album artwork by Jordan Vouga (www.vougadesign.tumblr.com).
All tracks remain unmastered, so listening with headphones or speaker/monitors is highly recommended.

----doll talk----
saw you the other day
struggled to say hello
cause i knew that you were gonna say
"boy don't get fresh with me"

i was down when i saw you again by the cafe
i'm not a fan of lipstick, but that smile made me say
"oh what a gorgeous day"

a head rush & a blocked airway
didn't stop me asking you out,
can't believe you said ok
"boy take me out today"

----water baby----
lets pretend we don't believe in lies
our shadows will be dancing lights
holding your smoke close to your breast bone
never saw a more enchanting sight
hopefully you get what you're needing
before the 8 hour ride, back to the unchanging
sunshine of your real home.
where ever that is...

lets pretend we don't live different lives,
our paths would cross all the time
holding hands to keep the heat in
happy so nonchalantly
hoping you'll get this message
i'll keep singing across the way
imagining what i would have said,
if i had really talked to you.
what if, what if...

----nostalgic ataraxy----
mind the wait this morning
humid breaths will heal
that tide embraces this morning
pillows follow their ears
and i bring my harmless face
to relax you while you're up all night
& i beg to beg to say goodbye
did i leave, leave out my, alibi

someone tell me to chill
if i'm still awake this morning
midnight fever why don't you heal?
cause you know my favorite thing
to regret is being up all night
& it breaks me, breaks me all the time
but you can't leave tonight
cause that ship's dry

----books on novels----
chilly cheeks
goose bumps on knees
absent sun
astonishing how you can breathe
so wide with bruised eyes

a little farther till dead men lay on
their dream vacation
slip and slide through coma states
with the proper vaccinations
we left our cameras in the
museum of introspection
you thought you saw a sign from god
write about it in a new missed connection
don't blame your bruised eyes

----salte ciclo----
frail astounded sigh
like bad planes, all high
i dreamt of your sad voice
you said "goodbye august sky,
can i stall anymore?"

crawl on the floor
to bite all your time
these dreams of your sad voice
lie so sparsely

i can't fall any lower

----red silk bow----
oh heather, pretend you didn't know
that after summer, all the leaves will turn yellow and orange.
indignant winter tends to follow
until it storms, we'll just pretend you didn't know.

oh heather, pretend you didn't know
that after summer, your romance will never grow
wrapped tight with a red silk bow
what hasn't started, has trouble flowing though the snow

one day you'll feel that spark of love,
but look away look away once you're wide awake.
breathe & break up the meaning of somber
but look away look away go back to sleep.

Special Thanks to: Glitter Bones, Joe Andert, Alex Auby, Jordan Vouga, Kayla Kane, Jakob Bergman, Quinton Alltop, Mitch Hemmelgarn, Chester A. Cockles, Dustin Denney, & the imaginary entities/people I failed to connect with that inspired the idiosyncrasies and theme of this e.p. Maybe one day we’ll meet.


released August 25, 2010



all rights reserved



Brian Brissart from Chicago.

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