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All songs written, recorded, & performed by Brian Brissart, except for "Ego From 5-7" which was written, recorded & performed by Brian Brissart & Donny Musselman. Keys on "Life Post-Cult" were done by Jacob Gardner. All tracks were recorded @ The Bounce Haus or Debbie's Palace of Noise & Laundry in Indianapolis, IN between February 2014-February 2015 with assisting engineers Frankie Dean & Jacob Gardner.
Artwork by Lucas Land.

I Hope No One Wants To Sleep With Me Tonight::::

Well I don't think the world would like to know just how gross we all are
It's obscene how fast bacteria grows on my, my thoughts of you
But let's just leave it out
We can talk shit & that's ok
But I know, I don't want you
Don't want you now

The way we feel is so unpredictable
Like a a new wave jump cut sequence
& though I can't speak too 3 dimensionally about love, I know I like you
But let's just leave it out,
We can be friends & that's ok
Cuz I know, your boys probably calling you now

If you had one moment left with your lover, what would you do?
Fake a cum or take a photo of the face he makes when he's down?
Let's just leave it out
You will meet a new friend someday
I'm sure I'll see you around

Ego From 5-7::::

I like girls that come out & play
They're constantly showing affection for me they'll say, "you're my #1 dude"

I like girls funny & easy going
We drink in bed, watching TV

Hangouts, just her & me
No dudes, just her & me

But where did they go?
No kisses, no calls back
You know that I don't get it
I don't get it
What'd I do wrong?
I'm naked in bed alone
& I don't get it
I don't get it

I like girls that don't like me
Taking a break, for how long is hard to foresee
But they know where to find me
I hope they do
I hope they do soon

Life Post Cult::::

Bored of feeling so halcyon
Those mapped out dreams I've long
Stopped seeking
Are thorns in my eyes

Months of healing caused the zeal to fray
Life's creeping but I'm still sleeping
The horns sound nearby
Still no sign of lights

Manifest Ecstasy::::

hello beautiful i don't believe that we've met
even though we already know each other's names
i wonder why i've never asked you to go out on a date
probably cause you & i live in different states

i know you're not in town for long
but next to me is where you belong

took of photo of you in black & gray
i look at it time to time throughout the day
never forget the day you went away
the smell of you is still lingering in my bed

why don't you let me inside
into your heart into your mind
i know that we're so far away
but if you just stick out your hand mine will meet halfway


released February 20, 2015



all rights reserved



Brian Brissart from Chicago.

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